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An Answered Prayer


Today’s post will be based on a writing prompt. The prompt states: “A woman thinks she might be living next door to her grandson.” Ready…Set…GO!

Ava liked to sit outside and wait for Jim. Jim never failed to deliver her mail at 12:20 every day. He must have known how lonely she was and how much she counted on his punctuality. Ava never kept Jim from doing his job, but was always ready to walk up to him and chat on how his day was going. It was the one thing in her life she could count on; Jim delivering her mail at 12:20.

Ava would often sit and say a few prayers for her only daughter. She had forgiven Liz the moment “it” happened, but somehow she knew her daughter would never come back to her. She stopped seeing the people she knew; most of them had heard a version of what happened. They would look at her with pity when she attempted to defend Liz. She found that look unbearable. It was easier to live her life alone in silence than trying to justify why her daughter would have taken all her money and then abandoned her. What they didn’t know was that she would often think of how as a baby, Liz would run to her crying for protection from the neighborhood dogs. That was the daughter she remembered, and she hope that the money taken had helped her live a good life. Her mother would never stop trying to protect her. The money would have been hers anyway if she had asked.

Today started off like any other Tuesday. She woke up exactly at 6:30am, showered, got dressed, and sat down for breakfast. She would spend the entire morning counting down to 12:20.

Jim had taken the day off to help his friend move. He would be right next door to Ava, so he already planned on stopping by and having a few kind words with her. He knew she looked forward to it, and he would not let her down. Jim was a lot younger than Ava, but felt an attachment to her. He had seen the same loneliness in her eyes before. She reminded him of the loneliness always present on his grandmother’s face when he visited her at the senior home.Because of this, he made sure to always speak with Ava and ask her about her day. He would ensure that his friend Will treated her with the same courtesy and respect she deserved, once he moved in.

As 12:20 approached, Jim told Will he wanted to introduce him to a special lady who will serve as the grandmother he never had. Will eagerly followed as he never got to meet his grandmothers. His mother had explained that both grandmothers passed before he was even born.

Ava opened the door as Jim began walking up the path to her door. She smiled and began to ask about his day until she saw the young man behind Jim. He looked exactly like his mother. She knew it was him; the grandson she had always prayed for. She wiped her tears as she said, “Hello new neighbor. Welcome to the neighborhood.”


That’s all folks!!! If you hate it, don’t be mean to me! Until next time!

Author: Literary Bears

Needless to say, we are not really bears, nor is this a blog dedicated to bears reading. Sorry to mislead, but we are mere humans known as the Literary Bears. We are readers, not writers, but that's never stopped us before! 😉

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