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Here’s a #TBT post. It was the first short story I ever wrote. I wrote it as a stress reliever when I was planning our wedding. The story is dated May 14,2014.  The prompt was: “Write about missing a plane”

Jerry looked at his watch. This time it was 7:15 am. His cab should have been here 45 minutes ago. He tried calling the cab service, but they kept saying the same thing, “your cab is on its way.” He tried calling another company, but they were all booked. Just his luck. THIS is exactly what happens for traveling to the middle of nowhere; this would never happen in New York. He was silently cursing out this miserable town and all the cab drivers when he saw a car approaching. He dragged his luggage towards the car anxious to hop in and finally get to the airport.

The car pulled right up to Jerry, and a very young man ran out of the car and took his luggage. He could tell the boy was sweating profusely and decided not to be too hard on the boy who was obviously sorry he was running so late. Jerry cut the boy off mid-way through his apology and told him he was forgiven, and instructed him: “Step on it! I have a plane to catch!” The boy was obviously trying to appease his upset customer, nodded and assured Jerry they would arrive at the airport in no time. He told Jerry, “You’re in luck my friend, I know these roads like I know my own home. I know ALL the shortcuts, we will make it on time, do not fret!” Jerry wondered why he was late in the first place if he was such a great navigator.

While the boy rambled on about the roads unknown to even the most adventurous residents, Jerry looked at his watch and calculated how much time he had before his plane started boarding. 1 hour 45 minutes. We can still make it he thought to himself.

Jerry looked out his window at the scenery. There was absolutely nothing he would miss about this old fashioned town. There was no service for his cell phone, no wi-fi, no technology, no fun. When he first arrived at his “hotel” he had stared blankly at the rotary phone they expected him to use.

When he snapped out of his self-imposed flashback, he realized the boy had stopped talking and had resumed sweating profusely despite the cool temperature. Jerry asked the boy if all was okay, and the boy quietly answered, “I may have took the wrong turn, but all is well. I know a shortcut.” After some more turns, Jerry looked at his watch, 1 hour left. He really didn’t want to lose his temper on this poor boy, so he restrained himself as best he could and asked “How much longer?” The boy said “Ten…maybe Fifteen more minutes. We’re almost there!” as he attempted to smile through the rear-view mirror.

Jerry looked at his watch: 40 minutes to go. He looked at the boy and calmly informed him that he HAD to step on the gas. He could not miss his flight. The boy literally slammed on the the gas, and after a few turns, they found themselves on a highway. FINALLY! Civilization!! Jerry thought as he checked his watch: half hour left. Jerry quickly pulled out his cell phone and turned on his GPS. He could have killed the boy after seeing his screen: they were driving in the opposite direction!

He proceeded to give the boy directions,”Quick! Make this left!” The boy obeyed. Jerry looked at his watch: 20 minutes. They were only five minutes away according to the GPS. “Make the next left… a left… go on the left lane.. the left… THE LEFT!!!!” and the boy took a right. “RECALCULATING” the GPS stated. “GODDAMNIT!! I SAID A FUCKING LEFT!!! A LEFT!! WHAT PART OF LEFT DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!” The boy was visibly shaking. Deep breaths, take deep breaths Jerry thought to himself.

When they finally made it to the airport, Jerry threw some cash at the boy and ran inside to check his luggage.

“I’m sorry, the plane just took off.”

“YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!” Jerry thought, but what he really said was, “When does the next flight leave?”

“The next flight will take off in two hours.” That’s not too bad, Jerry thought.

“Please accept our apologies and allow us to buy you breakfast at the finest restaurant in the area.”

“That would be great. Thank you. I’ve had a rough morning, and haven’t even had coffee yet.”

“Sure. We’ll even pay for your transportation to the restaurant.”

As Jerry was escorted out of the airport, a sweaty young man runs up to him and grabs his luggage. “I know every short-cut there is! We’ll be there in no time!”

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me was all Jerry could think.


Author: Literary Bears

Needless to say, we are not really bears, nor is this a blog dedicated to bears reading. Sorry to mislead, but we are mere humans known as the Literary Bears. We are readers, not writers, but that's never stopped us before! 😉

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  1. Lol….you must have been stressed….never heard you use the “f” word.


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