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My Best Friend, Luke

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Luke and I are best friends. We met right before he started walking. I remember this vividly because he was practicing his first steps when I first saw him. I happened to be walking past a park when he smiled and waved. His mom looked up at me with a confused expression, but appeared not to see me. I was used to that. Most people look past me as if I don’t exist. Luke waved at me so I walked over to him and we started playing, becoming immediate best friends.

Luke and I had so much fun that day, he asked his mom if I could come home with them so that we could keep playing. His mom smiled at him and replied in a strange language I didn’t understand. I asked Luke what she said and he told me he had no clue. She appeared to not speak our language, but we were sure she would catch on soon. Since she smiled, we took that as a positive reply, and she did not oppose when I started to climb into the car. That’s how I ended up being a part of Luke’s family.

I never had a family of my own, and I actually don’t even remember much about my life before the day I met Luke. All I remember is wandering around streets waiting for someone to acknowledge me, but no one did until Luke saw me.

Luke and I are inseparable. He has grown, and we are finally the same height. I love playing with him in front of mirrors because we really look like brothers, more like twins actually. I’ve come to realize that only Luke can see me. Our favorite game to play is one where we have to chase each other everywhere until one taps the other. Now that Luke can run fast, we usually play outside so that he doesn’t get in trouble when I knock something over. I never get in trouble, not even when Luke tells them I did it, and I know it’s because they can’t see me.

Some time ago, Luke taught me to speak in Mom and Dad’s language, and he no longer speaks my language. When I try to speak to him in my language, he laughs and calls me a baby. That’s a bad thing, so I only speak in his language now.

This week I noticed that he doesn’t always answer my questions even though I only speak in his language, not mine. At first I didn’t notice a change, but then I realized Luke hasn’t been playing with me as much even when I follow him around and tap him. Right before bedtime, Luke acts surprised to see me and asks where I have been all day. This makes me sad. I realize I’m fading, and somehow I know very soon he’ll be like the rest of the world and not see me anymore.

Today, I went out for a walk by myself. I was very upset. When I looked in the mirror to see our reflection, I realized I’m almost completely faded. I was barely able to see myself, and Luke didn’t even hear me when I told him I was going out for a walk.

While out on my walk, I met Ivy. She told me my time on Earth was almost up. She told me I would soon be in a better place where I will always have many friends to play with, and many grown-ups to take care of me. She told me I did an excellent job watching over Luke, but that it was time to say Goodbye. I was the saddest I’ve ever been, but she told me not to worry. Luke and I would always be best friends and that even when Luke forgets all about me, his parents will remind him about me. She said parents always remember and that they pass along all the memories they have of Luke’s “imaginary friend” Ivy told me that is what my name is on Earth. She bent down to hug me and kissed my forehead. She told me to go say bye to Luke because I would be leaving with her tonight.

I went back to Luke’s room and waited for bedtime because that seemed to be the only time he saw me. I started to tell him that I would no longer be around, but I noticed he couldn’t hear me. He was falling asleep without me having the chance to say goodbye. I tried nudging him, but he did not wake up. I cried and told him he would always be my best friend, even if he couldn’t hear me. Then I went to say bye to mom and dad. They were watching TV and even though I knew they wouldn’t feel it, I hugged them and thanked them for being my mom and dad for all those years. As I walked past the mirror in the hallway on my way out, I did not see my reflection at all. Just then I overheard Mom tell Dad that she had felt very warm a moment ago, and asked if she should turn up the AC. Dad said he also felt warm, and I knew they had felt my hug.


Author: Literary Bears

Needless to say, we are not really bears, nor is this a blog dedicated to bears reading. Sorry to mislead, but we are mere humans known as the Literary Bears. We are readers, not writers, but that's never stopped us before! 😉

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