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Moving Day

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Today’s the big day! Today is the day I finally leave my crazy mother. I still feel guilty saying that, but sometimes you have to call it like you see it. My mother is insane, and there is no amount of sugarcoating that will change the fact. You may be judging me right now because you were probably brought up to love your mother above anything in the world, and believe me, I WANT to be one of those people. My mother makes it an impossibility.

Liz (my mother) is an only child. I feel that I’ve said enough, but let me just take you down memory lane so that you can see what I’m dealing with. As a child, I was the only child never invited to birthday parties, not because the kids didn’t want me there, but because no one wanted to be around my mother. I was hated by association. Liz was what you would call a pathological liar. To add to this, she was also a kleptomaniac. Things would go missing everywhere we went, and she would always lie about it. It was embarrassing, and understandably, no one wanted us around.

As a child, making friends was easy, it was just keeping them that was the problem. In my neighborhood, it was hard for children to be only “school friends”. The mothers in my neighborhood were very involved in their children’s lives, and they always scheduled play dates with one another. My mother did nothing to try to help out her only child. She thought it worked out even better because we would be able to spend all of our time together without interruptions. I have to admit she was very creative, and she made up all kinds of games for us to play. I thought it was the least she could do since she was effectively ruining my childhood, but I learned to get over it.

Once I was older, I no longer needed play dates to meet up with friends. I made many new friends and spent most of my free time at their houses, much to my mother’s dismay. My mother is very possessive and was really mean to my friends. She would belittle them just so that they would stop hanging out with me, and I would be forced to spend time with her. That was her plan, and it would have worked if it were not for Jim. When the guys met up to discuss kicking me out of the group, Jim was the only person to stand up for me. He reminded the guys that I was their friend, and that I was not responsible for my crazy and cruel mother. Jim convinced them to give me another chance, and in exchange we would spend all our time in his own home. That was a true sacrifice. Everyone loved Jim’s house. He had the best games, but unfortunately, we left a mess and Jim would be forced to clean up for hours once his mom saw what we had done. It wasn’t until much later in life, that I found out the extent of Jim’s loyalty.

Jim has become a huge part of my life throughout the years, and my truest friend. He is the brother I always wanted. When I told him that I wanted to move out of my mother’s house, he congratulated me and told me it was about time. If only breaking the news to my mother had been just as easy.

My mother burst into tears and asked me why I hated her so much. She told me I was all she has ever had and that she would end her life if I left her. She pulled the mental disorder card, and told me that her kleptomania would only worsen and I would be to blame. What I always forgot was that my mother was a pathological liar, and knew exactly what to say to manipulate me. It worked though, and I postponed my search for a new apartment. When I told Jim why I had to postpone my move, he told me to stand my ground and not let my mother manipulate me the way she has all my life. I knew he was right, but she’s my mother and watching her cry was a bit more than I could handle.

The day I snapped was the day she told my girlfriend, that she had to go away forever because I was all she had left and she was not going to stand around and let a stupid little girl take her baby away. When I heard this, all the built up anger exploded. I told her I had had enough of her childish behavior and I was leaving. As expected, she broke out in tears and told me how her mother had died, and she doesn’t have any other relatives because my paternal grandmother also died. (My father was a married man, so I doubt my paternal grandmother would have wanted anything to do with her, but I did not say so) I told her I was very sorry, but I had to save my own sanity. She threw herself on the floor, and I ran away. I’m not proud to admit it, but I knew that if I hung around, I’d be sucked right in again. I just promised myself I would call her later to make sure she was okay, and she was. She just bid her time until she figured out a new tactic to make me move back, but this time I meant it. I was not moving back.

I ran over to Jim’s house, and stayed with him while I found my own place. It did not take long. Jim is a mailman, and he knew of an apartment for rent right next to a very special lady. He told me all about this older woman, Ava. Ava was like another grandmother to Jim and he was very fond of her. He told me that if I moved there, I would finally have an idea of what a real mother-son relationship was like. He knew that is what I really wanted. Call it mommy issues, I don’t care.

My application for the apartment was approved, and today is the big day! Will took the day off to help me move. I didn’t own much so we were done moving around noon. Which was perfect timing as that is when we saw Ava come out of her house. I can’t really explain it, but I felt a surge of love for her that made me feel as if I had known her all my life. She was every bit pleasant and kind as Jim had said. She must have allergies because I noticed her eyes were watery, but she smiled and looked healthy so I really don’t think she’s sick. She smiled at me and welcomed me to the neighborhood. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m home.


I’d like to start off by saying my mother is a saint, and I have a very healthy relationship with her. No mommy issues here. Did the characters sound familiar to you? If they don’t please Click Here and you’ll see how this is Will’s version of the story An Answered Prayer. I couldn’t come up with new stories, but I also realized the ones I had are not complete. So I decided to explore my first story a bit more. Stay tuned for another website change to include book reviews!

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