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Review for Here and Gone by Haylen Beck

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Where to begin…

This was the most suspenseful book I’ve read since ‘Salems Lot by Stephen King. I absolutely loved every moment, and I am devastated it’s over.

This book has so much to offer: a great story line, unlikely heroes, and great characters in general. I was completely hooked the moment I opened the book.

The story starts with Audra driving somewhere with her children. Who is she and why does it look like she’s fleeing from something? Before you have time to wrap your head around the situation, a revelation is made that just shook my world so violently I feared my heart had stopped. My husband can verify I was so shaken up by this I even had trouble sleeping that night.

Then we meet Danny Lee, my absolute favorite character in a very long time. Danny is a young man that has seen his share of evil, and has taken part of it as well. He’s by no means someone you would want to bring home to mom. He’s a product of his environment, but he is so much more than a common thug. He is an angel. What kind is to be determined by the reader. I love him, and I really hope to see him again in the future.

Audra has also seen her share of evil, in a different format, but nonetheless evil. Through flashbacks, we see where she came from and watch her growth. As a woman, I could feel her fears and weaknesses, but I also felt the fight in her. I felt the refusal to accept her fate, and I loved her for it. She was such a kick-ass woman, and I loved her even more for everything she endured in her earlier life. She used all that negativity to rebuild herself.

I really did love the book, but I am devastated it’s over. I cannot accept the fact that I won’t know what Audra’s future holds, and over all, I cannot accept that I won’t know more about Danny Lee. How am I supposed to get over this?!

Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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