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Are you a kick-ass feminist? Do you know a kick-ass feminist? If you answered yes to either question, then you NEED this journal. If you answered “no” this post is not for you, and you can probably stop reading this and save yourself some time… just kidding 🙂 READ IT ANYWAY!!!

“Journaling” is really underrated. I think everyone should write down thoughts, if at least just to kill some time. It doesn’t have to win awards, and no one has to read it, but writing things down is definitely something we should all do a little more. It will make us all better people. At the end of the day, I’m all about becoming a better person. THIS journal will definitely get you there.

My Rad Life offers inspirational quotes from strong, fierce women. I love the quotes. They are very inspirational without the “oh-my-god-look-how-wonderful-I-am” douchiness. I think that at any point in your day, you can pick up this journal and find something that speaks to you.

But is that all? Not only do you get inspirational quotes to help you meditate on your day, it also offers great questions to get you started on your writing. If you have nothing to write down, i’m sure you can find a question to help you get started and bring out the creative side in you.

Gifting-Season will be here before you know it! Please put this journal on your list for any feminists in your life. It is sure to be a hit! I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review, but that is NOT why I am raving about it. I truly did love this journal!

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