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A trip to the MET Museum

I can’t prove the following story, but either you will believe me..or you won’t. I have no control over your reaction, but I wholeheartedly believe it’s true.

In college, I had to take an Art course as part of the general requirements. I decided to take the Art History course because I’ve always liked history, and I know a trip to the MET was mandatory to pass the class. I’ve always wanted to go back to the MET and this would be the perfect excuse to make me go back. The course was very interesting, and I ended up making new friends in that class. When it was time to go to the museum, several of my friends and I decided we would go together.

As we approached the marble statue of Aphrodite, my friend commented on how much she loved the Goddess of Love, and I responded by asking her why. They all looked at me as if I were nuts. That’s when I came clean about hating love. It’s not that I don’t love anyone; I love my family. I just hate that we live in a society where we are forced to feel unfulfilled until we find someone to love. We live in a world where young girls are taught to look forward to Prince Charming’s rescue. This continues onto adulthood, with movies that depict women over their 20s as depressed because they have not found love. As if being single in any way reflected a woman’s value. They waved me off as a “bra-burning feminist” and as unromantic. Agree to disagree was my thought, but I stayed behind to hang out with Miss Aphrodite for a little longer.

As I turned to leave, I sensed some movement from the corner of my eye. There was no one there so I just turned to take one last look at the marble statue. She seemed to be smirking at me while giving me some side-eye. I blinked and figured I imagined it. I continued my trip through the museum, went home, and forgot all about the incident.

I suddenly found myself the center of attention everywhere I went. Men were suddenly and inexplicably drawn to me; it was extremely annoying. I couldn’t explain it, but I just¬†KNEW Aphrodite had something to do with this. I opted to avoid people as much as possible, but it was hard. Women were now attracted to me as well. Aphrodite must have figured she would win if she covered all her bases. My life became impossible. I feared discussing my suspicions because people would think I was insane. The only person I could talk to was Aphrodite herself so I made plans to visit the MET the very next day.

Once in front of Aphrodite, I mentally asked her to please remove her curse. I told her I appreciated her as a goddess, but I was just not interested in spending my time with anyone, and to please take pity on me because she was making me miserable. I had a long conversation in my head with her and truly felt like she was listening. After some time, I left the MET feeling like a weight had been lifted off me. I looked around and noticed I had become invisible once again. Not one person looked at me, and I felt at home being the wallflower I was always meant to be.

On the train home, I sat down on the first empty seat I found, which happened to be next to a man immersed in a book. He did not look up and did not even seem to notice that I was there. I glanced at the book he was reading,¬†Salem’s Lot. Oh yeah, I read it. Suddenly, he was startled and slammed the book shut and I smiled because I knew the part he had just read. I asked him if I was correct, and he seemed surprised either because he really did not know I was there or because I guessed correctly. He smiled and said I was correct and we talked about the book until we got to my stop. He actually got up to exit the train as well, and we laughed at the coincidence. As we were exiting the train, he asked if I would like to continue our conversation over coffee, and I smiled because Aphrodite won after all.


This is a story that I started over a year ago, and never finished because I just didn’t know where I was going with the story. When my husband asked for a story as part of his birthday gift, I decided to pick this one up again. His birthday was yesterday, but I finished the story today so Happy Belated Birthday to my love! This one’s for you… Actually, they’re all for you.